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Cephalexin - An Effective Antibiotic for Humans and Dogs

DV Medical Supply

Since 1978, DV Medical Supply, Inc., has served the medical market by distributing high-quality pharmaceuticals and surgery supplies. The Southern California company offers products trusted by physicians and veterinarians to treat a wide range of conditions in their patients. DV Medical Supply’s focus on customer satisfaction stems from its credo that its medical customers are its partners in achieving optimum patient health.

Its pharmacopoeia includes cephalexin, one of a class of first-generation cephalosporin antibiotics, and can be administered in 250- and 500-mg capsules. Highly effective, cephalexin can be used to counter a broad spectrum of bacterial infections in both humans and animals. The drug works by assisting the body in blocking the growth of bacteria.

Dogs benefit from taking cephalexin for urinary tract infections, as well as for infections of the ear, respiratory tract, bones, and skin.
While cephalexin can be taken on an empty stomach, administering it with food can reduce the risk of associated side effects. Cephalexin may be contraindicated when a dog has a kidney disease or digestive disorder, as well as when it is pregnant or nursing.

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