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Hydroxyzine Treats Anxiety and Allergies in Humans and Pets

DV Medical Supply

Gardena, California-based DV Medical Supply, Inc., partners with pharmaceutical and surgical supplies manufacturers to distribute their products to a broad customer base of medical professionals. Family-owned and family-operated, the 40-year-old company serves both the human and veterinary medical markets. DV Medical Supply maintains a consistent focus on not only meeting, if not surpassing, all relevant industry standards.

Among the company’s products available for distribution are hydroxyzine tablets, offered in 10, 25, and 50 mg doses.

Used in humans for the treatment of anxiety and tension, hydroxyzine can also be used for allergic skin reactions, such as those that occur with contact dermatitis or hives. The medication works by decreasing the activity of the central nervous system and lessening the effects of the body’s own histamine levels.

Due to its sedative properties, hydroxyzine can be combined with additional medications and administered while a patient is undergoing general anesthesia, or immediately afterward.
Veterinarians also use hydroxyzine as an antihistamine to treat itchy skin, allergies, and dermatitis in dogs and cats. As in humans, the drug also helps to reduce anxiety in pets.

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